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Elevate your golf training to unparalleled heights with our state-of-the-art golf pressure mat, the perfect companion to the Digital Mirror Ultimate software. Designed for both enthusiasts and professionals, this mat is not just a training tool—it's your gateway to mastering the golf swing.

Seamless Connectivity: With both WiFi and USB options, our mat ensures a hassle-free connection to our Digital Mirror Ultimate software, allowing for real-time swing analysis that’s as accurate as it is effortless.

Unmatched Battery Life: Stay focused on perfecting your swing without the worry of frequent recharges. Our mat boasts an impressive battery life rated at 40+ operational hours, ensuring your practice sessions are uninterrupted and productive.

Exceptional Sensor Technology: Experience the largest and most sensitive sensor array on the market. A sensor matrix of 24 tall x 48 wide, our mat features a massive 1152 sensors.

Measure Ground Forces Anywhere: This ultra-thin, yet sturdy design allows placement on any surface—from the softest grass to sandy bunkers.

Integrated Software Experience: Fully integrated with our desktop analysis software, this mat allows for dockable window placements and supports both right and left-hand operations. Adjust player positioning easily and fine-tune your stance on the fly, making your training as dynamic as the game itself.

Advanced Metrics: Dive deep into your swing with metrics like Center of Pressure Position and Weight Transfer Speed. Our mat not only captures these dynamics but also allows you to adjust and monitor changes live, ensuring every swing brings you closer to perfection.

Interactive Video Controls: Revolutionize how you review your swing with built-in video play controls. Stay on the mat and use our exclusive controls to play your swing clips in slow motion, forwards or backwards.  Tap the camera on the mat to arm your cameras for your next swing. It’s not just effective—it’s fun!

Step onto the future of golf training with our Ground Force Analysis Pressure Mat. It’s not just an improvement to your game—it's the edge you need to excel. Whether fine-tuning your swings or analyzing your progress, every detail is designed to enhance your performance in the most user-friendly way.  Train smarter, play better—embrace the cutting edge of golf technology with JC VIDEO!


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