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High-Powered Lighting
High-Powered Lighting

Each light fixture contains two bulbs and power supply. Each bulb shines with 12,000 Lumens, meaning each light fixture has the capacity to shine at 24,000 lumens.

We offer 2, 3, and 4 packs.

For questions on lighting please email:  support@jcvideo.com

USD $349.00
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Our new lighting system allows you to use your projector without washing out the image- even if you position the lights directly in front of the projector. Amazingly, the LED format is not seen by the projector lamp, allowing you to focus the lights directly on the subject and not interfere with the projection display. With the lights focused directly on the player, there is no brightening of the screen- meaning they are totally compatible with any projector.

Finally an LED lighting solution that does not generate heat… the only solution for other companies has been to push low power LED’s or Tungsten fixtures that are either not sufficient or way too hot. This is a thing of the past. Now, the whole room can actually maintain cool temperatures without sacrificing video quality.

The major reason lights flicker in video playback is due to the wavelength of the light compared to the camera shutter speed, more light does not equal flicker-free video if you are still using the wrong lights. You can now enjoy flicker-free video playback with the latest and greatest lights. The video capture can be set to 200 fps and during the slow motion replay the 'constant voltage power supplies' generate a pure, flicker-free light for super clean replay.

High-speed cameras capture up to 220 frames per second in full HD. Every indoor studio has a need for capable lighting- unfortunately, until now camera capability has far outmatched lighting capacity. Each bulb on these lights generates 12,000 Lumens. For people familiar with lighting it is well known that Lumens in LED format and Lumens from incandescent lighting are just not the same to the camera imaging sensor. Due to the short wave length of the LED light, the camera sensor has a hard time seeing that light source and typically requires 3X the lumens from an LED compared with lighting fixtures that generate heat. This is why the ultra-high Lumens are necessary for video playback.

Depending on how many bulbs you order, you can comfortably shoot at shutter speeds well over 1/2000. (Which is what we consider the minimum for our studio builds.) A good studio will have 3 sets of 4 light fixtures to ensure right, left, and target line cameras have the light needed to capture at maximum shutter speed. This set up will generate crystal-clear replay without motion blur.