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Friday, October 7, 2022

The #1 Golf Swing Analysis Software. Find out why more top golf professionals choose JC Video than all others combined...

An important component in any lesson is visual feedback, instant video replay sets the mental image for the student to alter their swing where traditional instruction without video fails. Only after you are able to alter the perception of the technique from the actual technique, will the student be able to alter the physical component and begin to build corrections into what is referred to as 'muscle memory'. Although 'muscle memory' does not technically exist, the physical feeling as it relates to the actual image of the physical motion is without question, easier to alter with video than without. Instruction with video is a tremendous advantage in any form of teaching motor skills. 87% of everything you learn is through visualization, your brain is an incredibly complex instant replay system which can mimic almost any action it see's. How can you expect effective change if you cannot see yourself swing?

JC Video Motion-Analysis software provides the ability to email clips, burn a take home CD, or add audio instruction to a swing for later review and retention, JC Video’s Digital Mirror Ultimate Software is the benchmark for all other Motion Analysis programs. In business since 1987, we have sold more video systems than all other companies combined. More experience, better service, superior products combine for a great experience, when your reputation depends on the products you use, JC Video is the ONLY choice.

JC Video Systems, in place in the world’s best golf schools offering the best in People, Products, and Services.




Full Suite of Drawing Tools

A full collection of tools including lines, shapes, protractors (from horizontal and vertical), arrows, freehand drawing, and text.  We also have a swing plane tool where all you need do is draw a line up the shaft and it'll draw the swing plane for you.


Drag and Drop Swing Clip Library

A very intuitive collection of all your student/pro clips.  See a history of your teaching day by day, and if you'd like to save a clip to your student, simply drag and drop the clip onto the student's name.  Recall pros from online or from YouTube, and create collections of favorite or groups of clips.

Auto Capture/Replay with Dynamic Impact Zone

Completely hands free capture, auto replay, and reloading of the cameras so you can focus on teaching your students.  During the possible 5 auto replays at differing speeds, you can also specify for the replay to slow down dramatically through the impact zone.


8-Frame Sequence

Use the 8-Frame Sequence tool to create a visual representation of all the important states of the swing at once!  Each frame can be zoomed/panned or adjusted in real time before exporting a single or dual row image for your student.


Instant Auto-Capture replay without saving Swing clips. This allows an instructor to teach all day and not save hundreds of clips they’ll never use again.


Instantly switch to Impact Cam mode with a single click. 1000, 1500, and 2500 FPS available.


Offering touch screens in sizes 55” and above that allow you to operate the whole analysis system without going back to the desk..


Automatically transition from indoor to outdoor lighting scenarios and back without pressing a single button.


Enables you to set a super slow motion speed through impact during any replay to get the most effective replay solution available.


Configure our software display by simply dragging the dividing bar between comparison videos.


Our brand new pressure mat offers a complete 3D solution for monitoring ground forces. Higher sensor resolution and higher speeds allow us to overlay 3D graphs over live video and high-speed video replay. Students can easily understand pressures without using complicated graphs and numbers. Also now featuring software control integrated directly into the mat for hands free analysis!

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